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Personal Support Worker – Employment

Introduction Exercise One Exercise Two Introduction – Maria considers personal support worker position This article is a continuation of the fictional account of Maria, a registered nurse from overseas who is now looking for employment in Toronto. Her story is

Educational Assistant – Sample job posting

Sample job posting: PLEASE NOTE that this sample posting is for members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, local 1238.EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANT – Itinerant High Needs – North AreaLevel of Pay – $16.77 – $17.85 Job Status – Permanent, 32.5

Transferable Skills

What Do Employers Want? – Transferable Or “Soft” Skills More and more employers today are demanding transferable or “soft” skills? What are transferable or soft skills and why do employers find them so important? You don’t have to go to

Personal Support Worker – Sample Job Posting

EMPLOYER: Community Educational Health Centre JOB DESCRIPTION POSITION: Counsellor Aide (Personal Support Worker) RESPONSIBLE TO: Senior Counsellor Duties: Provides basic care to visually impaired multi-handicapped adults • Assists in the organization and scheduling of leisure time • Assists in the

Choosing and using key terminology

What’s a buzz word? Buzz word is the informal term for a word (or phrase) which is popular and currently “in fashion”. There are “buzz words” in every industry and profession. We use buzz words to create a positive impression

Technical Resume Writing Tips

1. List your technical knowledge first in an itemized fashion. Use as many buzzwords as you can conjure up which reflect your work and school experience. List all operating systems and UNIX flavours you know. List all programming languages and