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Accessing the Hidden Job Market

Introduction Spread the word How others can help How you can prepare Call the hiring manager Do your homework Introduction Most job openings are not advertised. These jobs that are not advertised are found in what’s called the “hidden job

Resume Basics: Content and Design

Content Design This outline provides important information about both the content and design of an effective résumé. Content Name, address, telephone, e-mail address, web site address (All your contact information should go at the top of your résumé like a


Introduction Altruistic volunteering What do you have to offer an organization? What do you get? How do you choose the right organization? Working for free What are you offering the “hiring” organization? What are you getting in return? Useful Web

Written Communication – Answer Key to Proofreading

Answer Key to Proofreading The text is repeated below and the errors are highlighted and numbered. Roll your mouse over the errors for the explanations. One of the most common serious aflictions (1) in modern society is heart disease. This general label

Written Communication – Proofreading: Heart Disease

Proofreading: Heart Disease Proofreading (reading over a document, sometimes several times, to look for and correct errors in spelling, grammar and content) is a very important skill which can be developed with practice. Your task  Read the two paragraphs of

Written Communication – Introduction

Introduction Most, if not all, employers value clear and accurate written communication. Producing letters and reports which are free of spelling and grammar mistakes can prove difficult for a native speaker of English and exceptionally difficult for those who have

Understanding and Using Active Verbs – Answer Key to Paraphrasing

Answer Key to Paraphrasing Possible answers  An allergy is a changed response of body tissue to matter that causes no result upon someone who is not sensitive. Some human beings are sensitive to food and are prone to skin complaints

Understanding and Using Active Verbs Paraphrasing: Allergic Conditions

Paraphrasing: Allergic Conditions Introduction An example Improving this skill Hands-on exercise: allergic conditions Introduction  To paraphrase a statement is to restate it using different words and/or grammar while keeping the same meaning. You can paraphrase a statement at the same

Understanding and Using Active Verbs – Answer key to Understanding and Using Active Verbs

Answer key to Understanding and Using Active Verbs 1) administer b a) put 2) preserve m b) give (first aid, etc.) 3) assess n c) go with 4) arrange o d) recognize differences 5) ensure p e) find out the facts about something 6) maintain q

Writing a Resume that Works

Regardless of how many times you’ve searched for a job, assembling a winning resume can be a challenge. If your resume is going to open any doors for you, it has to look professional, provide proof of real results and