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Network To Get Work

Advice For The Internationally Trained Professional To look for work in Canada, you must use every resource at your command. Many people traditionally look through newspaper or Internet job postings for opportunities. But did you know that a mere 10-15%

Transferable Skills

What Do Employers Want? – Transferable Or “Soft” Skills More and more employers today are demanding transferable or “soft” skills? What are transferable or soft skills and why do employers find them so important? You don’t have to go to

Your Employment Choices

When you first come to Ontario, you may find it difficult to decide what jobs to apply for. If your profession is regulated in Ontario, you may not be able to practise it immediately. If you have held a high-level

Health Educator

Hands-on exercises How to identify jobs which are suitable for you? Step-by-step approach: Maria was very systematic in her approach and did the following: assessed her own personality, situation and experience; identified her transferable skills; researched positions; read and analyzed

Health Educator

Maria’s job search “What else can Maria do?” Introduction In this article, you will read the story of Maria, a registered nurse from overseas who is now looking for employment in Toronto. Maria’s story Background Maria worked as a registered

Personal Support Worker – How to Become Certified

To become certified as a Personal Support Worker you should complete a short-term training. Many PSW programs were developed recently as part of the Ontario government’s plan to reform long-term care and support services provided to people living at home

Personal Support Worker – Sample Job Posting

EMPLOYER: Community Educational Health Centre JOB DESCRIPTION POSITION: Counsellor Aide (Personal Support Worker) RESPONSIBLE TO: Senior Counsellor Duties: Provides basic care to visually impaired multi-handicapped adults • Assists in the organization and scheduling of leisure time • Assists in the

Relevant Employment Options

Internationally-trained physicians coming to Ontario know that they will not be allowed to practice their profession without a local licence. Getting licensed as a physician in Ontario is a long, demanding and expensive process. Like many of your colleagues, you

Choosing and using key terminology

What’s a buzz word? Buzz word is the informal term for a word (or phrase) which is popular and currently “in fashion”. There are “buzz words” in every industry and profession. We use buzz words to create a positive impression

Overview of the Licensing Process in Ontario

1. Regulated Professions In Ontario certain professions are regulated (i.e., controlled or restricted) by self-governing organizations called occupational regulatory bodies (ORBs). A person has to register with the governing organization, and to become licensed by it in order to practice