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Introduction to Sector Councils

The Alliance of Sector Councils The Alliance of Sector Councils (TASC) is a national coordinating body of 29 sector councils representing a wide range of industries in Canada . Its role is to analyze and address sector-wide human resources issues in order

Preparing Financial Statements

For your information . . . Two examples of classified financial statements are presented here for you to examine. Classified Financial Statements: REPORT FORM of Balance Sheet: The Toronto Hotel Balance Sheet October 31, 1997 Assets Current Assets Cash $9

Preparing Financial Statements

T. Mott, DJ Balance Sheet October 31, 1997 Assets Liabilities and Owner’s Equity Cash $2,555 Liabilities: Accounts Receivables 3,700 Accounts Payable $1,600 Office Supplies 284 Bank Loan 7,700 Prepaid Insurance 1,000 Total Liabilities $9,300 Tapes 3,000 Owner’s Equity Car 12,300

Preparing Financial Statements

Using the figures provided below, prepare a Balance Sheet for T. Mott for October 31, 1997. General Expense 180 Cash 2,555 Equipment Expense 765 Accounts Receivable 3,700 T. Mott, Capital 18,735 T. Mott, Drawings 9,500 Fees Earned 29,990 Office Supplies

Preparing Financial Statements

The tasks and samples in this section will help you better understand the terms used in financial statements, especially in a balance sheet. Note that the balance sheet may also be referred to as the Statement of Financial Position and

Matching key accounting terms and definitions

As you may already know, the ability to recognize, understand and use accounting terms accurately in English is extremely important. Here is an exercise for you to test your understanding of key accounting terms Your task List of Terms Answer

How to Look for, Land, and Keep a Job in the Canadian Workplace

 About the Speaker: Dave Lovelock in facts and numbers How do you feel about Job Hunting? Don’t turn your back on this fact…the workplace is changing. It is a short-term world out there…so, stay flexible! Job Search Myth 1: All