Your Employment Choices

When you first come to Ontario, you may find it difficult to decide what jobs to apply for. If your profession is regulated in Ontario, you may not be able to practise it immediately. If you have held a high-level position in your country, you may have to start with an intermediate, or even entry-level job in Canada.

You need to find jobs that you can do, and that will allow you to stay in your professional field with an opportunity to grow and advance.

You may find that there are many professions in Canada that do not exist in your country. There are also jobs that have the same names here as back home, but they require different skills, and involve different tasks and responsibilities.

In order to find your way around in the job market, you need to know three things:

  1. What jobs exist in your field
  2. What are the requirements for each of these jobs
  3. Which jobs are most suitable for your skills and qualifications.