Understanding the Education System in Ontario

The links in this article will help you explore the education system in Ontario
and better understand how it works. This will allow you to show more clearly
how your experience is relevant to the needs of students and schools in Ontario,
and ultimately to find employment.

The big picture
The elementary and secondary education system
Private schools
The postsecondary education system

You may start your orientation to the Ontario educational system by checking
the information on Settlement.com.

The big picture

  • Educational Infrastructure
    Ontario business and economic development site, designed for potential business
    immigrants and investors. Provides a brief description supported by statistical
    figures and charts.
  • Access
    to the teaching profession in Ontario

    by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Requirements for certification of foreign-trained

The elementary and secondary education system

  • Elementary and Secondary Education Overview
    by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Brief description of the elementary
    and secondary school system, both publicly funded and private.
  • The Teaching

    A comprehensive resource by the Ontario Ministry of Education. All about the
    teaching profession in Ontario including certification and related regulations.
  • Code of Conduct in Ontario schools
    by the Ontario Ministry of Education. The provincial standards of behaviour
    apply to all individuals involved in the publicly funded school system.
  • Who
    is responsible for what
    The provincial ministry outlines the duties and responsibilities of governing
    bodies and individuals according to the Education
    and its regulations.
  • Ontario Schools Trustees Handbook
    Designed for newly elected trustees; however, may be used by anyone wanting
    to thoroughly understand roles and responsibilities in the Ontario publicly
    funded education system.
  • Special
    education overview

    A brief introduction to special education by the Ontario Ministry of Education.
    guide for teachers and educators on special education, 200
    1 was published
    to assist teachers and other support professionals in developing Individual
    Education Plans for exceptional pupils.
  • School board profiles
    by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Contains information on 72 district
    school boards and 33 school authorities located in Ontario. Using the drop
    down menu, view summarized information on each of them, a list of schools
    for a specific board, names of executive and board members, trustees’
    names, mailing address for each school and a map.
  • Ontario school or school board finder
    Convenient site for finding a specific school board or school.
  • Elementary
    and secondary curriculum

    by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Learn standards and policy.
  • In Support of the Ontario Curriculum
    Get a sense of the Ontario curriculum by knowing the resources.
  • The TrilliumList
    A searchable list of textbooks approved by the Minister of Education for use
    in Ontario schools.

Private Schools

Private schools also provide elementary and secondary education. They are independently
operated and do not receive funding from the government. However, the Ministry
of Education reserves the right to inspect the standard of instruction in these

The postsecondary education system