Personal Support Worker – Employment

Exercise One
Exercise Two

Introduction – Maria considers personal support worker position

This article is a continuation of the fictional account of Maria, a registered
nurse from overseas who is now looking for employment in Toronto. Her story
is presented as a sample for you to learn from. The job posting referred to
is also presented as a sample only.

To understand these tasks better, refer to the articles Maria’sjob search, and How to identifyjobs which are suitable for you?.

As you know, Maria considered applying for a health promoter position. She
knows that in order to increase her chance of obtaining a good job she must
research a number of different positions. Maria will find this research informative
and will develop her ability to:
· research available information
· determine what is relevant
· understand job postings and job descriptions
· identify stated and hidden requirements
· analyze and record her own qualifications
· make informed decisions regarding her job search

Today, Maria has been browsing through and has found the occupational
profile and sample job posting for a job called “personal support worker”.

Exercise One
Imagine you are Maria and use the information about her from the article Maria’sjob search to complete the following chart as completely as possible. You
may print this chart or draw your own.
A sample of a completed chart will be provided in the answer section below.

Requirements and Qualifications Chart

[download this
chart in Word format

Job title: Counsellor Aide (Personal Support Worker)
Employer: Community Educational Health Centre
Address: ________________________________
Contact name: ________________________________
Tel: ____________ Fax: ___________
E-mail: ________________________________
Job Posted where: ____________ Date: ____________
Stated requirements Hidden requirements My qualifications and experience Gaps

Answer to Exercise 1

Exercise Two: Now Try This for Yourself.

First download and print the “Requirements
and Qualifications Chart
“. Then go back through the personalsupport worker job posting. Think about your own work experience and qualifications,
and complete the chart for yourself. Remember to include personal attributes
as well as skills and knowledge. Do not limit yourself to the section entitled
“qualifications” but study the list of duties as well for more detail.

Enjoy – this is an interesting puzzle and all about you!

The article Choosing and Using Key
may help you understand this exercise even better.