Paraphrasing Generic Engineering Concepts related to Safety – Possible answers

analysis: a thorough assessment of something, along with opinions and conclusions about it

competent: sufficiently capable, appropriately educated and adequately knowledgeable to do the job

formalized process hazards analyses: assessments of procedures and the setting to recognize possible dangers and the circumstances that can lead to them, in order that the dangers can be eradicated or managed

job-safety analysis: a course of action in which dangers connected with each stage of each task are spotted and control processes are implemented to reduce the possibility of danger to customers, employees, equipment and property

liability: what an individual or business is accountable for by law; responsibility that jeopardizes an individual or business

material process flow analysis: bears in mind the necessary processes, movement, examinations, hold-ups and storages as material goes from the unloading area to the delivery area in a factory

process: systematic arrangement of interconnected jobs that act and interrelate to carry out some task within a specific setting and within a specific time frame

risk assessment: a structured foundation for the impartial evaluation of risk in a way in which suppositions and doubts are clearly thought about and presented

risk management: the course of action which bears in mind societal, cultural, financial and political considerations in the course of posing problems and, as well, observing the risk assessment in its different phases