Paraphrasing Generic Engineering Concepts related to Safety – Hands-on exercise

You will find nine definitions below which relate to engineering safety concepts. Try to follow the steps outlined above as you paraphrase these sentences. You may choose to change the level of language – just make sure you are consistent. This means that for the purpose of this exercise you should avoid combining high level language with very simple terms.

Possible answers are provided to guide you but, again, there could be many suitable responses. Don’t feel obliged to change every word and change the grammatical structure of the sentence if you wish.

  1. analysis: a detailed examination of something, together with thoughts and judgments about it
  2. competent: adequately qualified, suitably trained and sufficiently experienced to perform the work
  3. formalized process hazards analyses: examinations of process operations and the environment to identify potential hazards and the conditions that can lead to them, so that the hazards can be eliminated or controlled
  4. job-safety analysis: a process where hazards associated with each step of each job are identified and control measures are put in place to minimize the risk to clients, staff, equipment and property
  5. liability: what a person or company is legally responsible for; obligation that exposes a person or company to risk
  6. material process flow analysis: considers the operations, transportations, inspections, delays, and storages required as material moves from receiving to shipping in a plant.
  7. process: orderly arrangement of inter-related tasks that act and interact to perform some function within a particular environment and within a particular time period
  8. risk assessment: a formalized basis for the objective evaluation of risk in a manner in which assumptions and uncertainties are clearly considered and presented
  9. risk management: the process of considering social, cultural, economic, and political concerns in the process of problem formulation and also monitoring the risk assessment throughout its various stages