Language Skills for Pharmacy Technicians – Marketing Language

Language is rich and varied. We use language for many different purposes. In this exercise, you will identify those words and phrases in a text that present a certain image. You will think about the language you would like to use to present yourself and your work experience to a prospective employer.

Your task
The program description for the Pharmacy Technician program at Centennial College has been included here as an example. Read through the text and answer the questions which follow.

Enroll in our dynamic program and become an indispensable part of the Ontario health care team. At Centennial College our Pharmacy Technician program offers current and innovative curriculum, savvy instructors who are experienced in this field, and a computerized, state-of-the-art dispensing and compounding laboratory. Our curriculum is current and dynamic and is continuously being revised to reflect the trends and changes in the workplace. It reflects the new vocational standards determined by various professional pharmacy organizations, employers and educators throughout the province. This program offers combined classroom theory and hands-on practical labs, as well as work experience placements in the community, hospital and corporate environments.


  1. What is the overall tone of this paragraph? Enthusiastic? Serious?
  2. Who is the writer hoping will read the article?
  3. Do you feel the article is effective? Why or why not?

Most of you will likely feel that this paragraph is very “upbeat” and enthusiastic in the way it portrays the program to the reader. In this case, the reader is likely someone who is interested in signing up for this program or one like it. The author of this exercise feels the passage is effective because of both the language and the content.

A second task
You may choose to print the passage in order to do this exercise. Read through the exercise and either recopy or highlight the words and phrases that have been used to “sell” this program to the reader. Then see our suggested answers.

In conclusion . . .
What is important in your field? What is most valued by prospective employers? What does your resume “sound” like? Does it accurately reflect your experience in a way that will “catch your reader’s eye”?

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