Language Skills for Engineering Consultants


The decision to hire engineering consultants for a project is an important one. The Professional Engineers Ontario website contains a variety of publications, one of which is entitled Guideline for the Selection of Engineer Services.

The guidelines address the following main headings:

  • client responsibilities;
  • services provided by engineering consultants;
  • the qualification-based selection system;
  • the request for proposal process.

Excerpts from this text are used in this section, to give you an indication of the concepts and terminology included in this article and related to the competitive process. They are also an example of the level of English Language proficiency which an internationally-trained engineer would need as an engineering consultant in Canada.

We will not attempt to teach spelling and grammar to our users; however, we can provide exercises which will assist you to develop certain skills.

There are two reading comprehension exercises and one proofreading exercise. Answers are provided on separate pages, to allow you to print out and complete the exercise before you look at the answers.