Language Skills for Engineering Consultants – Matching Terms and Definitions

Matching Terms and Definitions

The Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) has published a series of articles on its website. Please go to this website and read the article entitled “Guideline for the Selection of Engineering Services“.
This article outlines the process a client may undertake for purchasing engineering services. It contains valuable information and a lot of key terminology.

After you have read the article come back to the vocabulary exercise below.

Matching terms and definitions
In the chart below, you will find a list of terms in the left hand column and a list of definitions in the right hand column. These terms and definitions do not match. It is your task to match the term with the definition. You will see an example in bold face.

Term Definition
1. Terms of reference a. A written document outlining the boundaries, extent and situation of land
2. To procure b. A list of qualified firms who are invited to submit a letter of interest for a project
3. To mobilize c. Soundness of moral principle
4. Specifications d. The complete cost of doing something, charged at the same time
5. To collaborate with e. The most which can be obtained for the price
6. Survey (noun form) f. A detailed outline of how a project would be taken; in this case, separate from the fee for engineering services
7. To expedite g. A list or plan showing the rotation of duties for individuals in an organization
8. Best value-for-money h. To obtain
9. Integrity i. To make a task or project go faster/complete something more quickly
10. Roster j. Rules, standards or principles representing the subjective preferences of the decision-maker or decision-making group.
11. Long list k. A detailed description of the dimensions, construction, workmanship, materials, etc., of work done or to be done
12. Lump-sum fee l. A document outlining the scope of a project
13. Technical proposal m. Make or become ready for action
14. Value-based criteria n. To work jointly with

If you are ready, go to the Answer Key.