Language Skills for Engineering Consultants – Introduction to proofreading

Most, if not all, employers value clear and accurate written communication. Producing letters and reports which are free of spelling and grammar mistakes can prove difficult for a native speaker of English and exceptionally difficult for those who have English as a second or third language.

Proofreading (reading over a document, sometimes several times, to look for and correct errors in spelling, grammar and content) is a very important skill which can be developed with practice.

Your task
Read the text on services provided by engineering consultants which is included below. Print off the excerpt and make the necessary corrections or rewrite a correct version for yourself. Suggested corrections follow the exercise. Remember to check spelling, punctuation and grammar. Use a dictionary if required, but only after you have tried the exercise for yourself. Note: There are 16 errors.


Services to be Provided by Engineering Consultants
It is important that engineering consultants list all categorys of work they are likely to be asked to perform with in a contract, as well as those considered to be outside the scope of the contract.
Items that require particular attention when drafting a contract, especialy for design and construction projects, include:

  • preparation of tender documents for sequential bidding;
  • changes to drawings to suite contract changes arising from events outside the the engineer’s control; and
  • preparation of itemized lists of construction materials, including reinforcing schedules.

When preparing a list of engineering services for contracts, consultants should also considder the degree to which they will be required to obtain approvals from regulatory authorities who having jurisdiction. The following seven divisions of services may be a helpful resourse in preparing a comprehensive list.

. . .

Contract Administration and General Review During Construction
These services comprise administering the construction contract and providing engineering review during the construction period, following the award of the contract. Distinct and separate from the services provided by resident field personnel, they should not to be considered as a substitute fro resident engineering services.
They may include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing advise on the interpretation of contract documents to the contractor or the client, and issuing supplementery details and instructions as required;
  • Reviewing shop drawing for general compliance with design requirements and contract documents;
  • Reviewing contractor’s progress claims, including the validity of additions or deletions;
  • Issuing progress certificates and change orders for the clients acceptance;
  • Making periodic sight visits to assess progress generally and conformity of the work with the contract documents;
  • Reporting to the client on the progress of construction;
  • Arranging for, and atending, regular site meetings;

If you done with the exercise, you can check the Answer Key.