Language Skills for Engineering Consultants – Answer Key – Matching Terms and Definitions

Answer Key – Matching Terms and Definitions

Term Definition
1. Terms of reference a. A document outlining the scope of a project
2. To procure b. To obtain
3. To mobilize c. Make or become ready for action
4. Specifications d. A detailed description of the dimensions, construction, workmanship, materials, etc., of work done or to be done
5. To collaborate with e. To work jointly with
6. Survey (noun form) f. A written document outlining the boundaries, extent and situation of land
7. To expedite g. To make a task or project go faster/complete something more quickly
8. Best value-for-money h. The most which can be obtained for the price
9. Integrity i. Soundness of moral principle
10. Roster j. A list or plan showing the rotation of duties for individuals in an organization
11. Long list k. A list of qualified firms who are invited to submit a letter of interest for a project
12. Lump-sum fee l. The complete cost of doing something, charged at the same time
13. Technical proposal m. A detailed outline of how a project would be taken; in this case, separate from the fee for engineering services
14. Value-based criteria n. Rules, standards or principles representing the subjective preferences of the decision-maker or decision-making group