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Comprehension and Vocabulary – Answer Key to Text 3

Checking Comprehension  ___T___ 1. A bone may be fractured in a variety of ways. ___F___ 2. To find out if your leg is fractured after a fall, try walking on it. ___F___ 3. The victim should be immobilized immediately once

Comprehension and Vocabulary – Text 3: A broken bone

Read the text below. Then complete the exercises that follow. A very common emergency is a broken bone. A bone is usually broken directly across its width, but can also be fractured lengthwise, obliquely, or spirally. Fractures are divided into

Comprehension and Vocabulary – Answer Key to Text 2

Checking Comprehension  F 1. Choking is caused by blockage of the pharynx. T 2. A person who is choking should try his best to cough up the obstructing object on his own. F 3. The first thing the rescuer should do is to

Comprehension and Vocabulary – Text 2: Choking on food

Read the text below. Then complete the exercises which follow. Choking on food  A common emergency is choking on food, or any inhaled or swallowed foreign body. Choking is caused by blockage of any part of the airway – the

Comprehension and Vocabulary – Answer Key to Text 1

A1. False A2. False A3. True A4. False A5. True B1. 3) B2. 2) B3. 3) B4. 1)

Comprehension and Vocabulary – Text 1: Health

Your task Read the following excerpt and, without looking back at the article, answer the reading comprehension questions. Text Arthritis and rheumatism are general names for approximately 100 diseases that produce inflammation or degeneration of connective tissue. Some of these

Comprehension and Vocabulary – Introduction

Introduction The health care profession is constantly changing; for example, research is conducted and published on a wide range of topics; government policies change and new best practices are introduced. Even though their schedules are demanding, health care professionals need

Physiotherapy Acronyms

From the Glossary of the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario CPA  Canadian Physiotherapy Association CPO  College of Physiotherapists of Ontario ICES  Institute for Clinical and Evaluative Studies QMC  Quality Management Committee RHPA  Regulated Health Professions Act S/P  Standards of Practice

Pharmacy Technician Acronyms

CPhT Certified Pharmacy Technician CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certificate OCP Ontario College of Pharmacists   These must be memorized (mandatory) q – EVERY qH – EVERY HOUR qAM – EVERY MORNING qPM – EVERY EVENING qHS – EVERY BEDTIME qD –

Pharmacy Technician

What is a Pharmacy Technician/Assistant? Related job titles Major duties Qualifications and requirements Compensation Who are the employers? Where to find job postings? Professional associations and contacts More relevant links Sample job posting “Please note that if you cannot get