Glossary of Job Search Terms

What information can you find in a job ad?

Job ads or postings contain information about the:
• employer (company/firm/organization values, working conditions, etc.)
• position (e.g. job title, responsibilities, etc.)
• application procedures; how to apply for the position
• salary and benefits
• qualifications/skills/experience required

Below you will find some definitions of terms frequently found in, as well as actual examples from, real job ads.

Terms describing the Employer
An Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) The employer treats all candidates the same way regardless of their race, colour, gender, etc.; does not discriminate against people from different backgrounds, nationalities, etc.
Smoke free work environment. You may not smoke in the workplace
We are looking for an accountant who thrives in a fast-paced environment. This employer wants to hire an accountant who enjoys and works well in a very busy workplace.
Due to our ongoing success . . . This employer is proud of the company’s continuously strong performance   and excellent results.
Our company encourages lifelong learning. This employer supports employees who wish to continue their studies or learn new skills.
The successful candidate will enjoy working in a collaborative environment. This employer wants to hire someone who has the skills/experience that will allow him/her to work productively with his/her co-workers.
Terms describing the Position
A temporary full-time position is available The position is for a limited time period (e.g. six months) but the employee will work at least 35 hours per week
This is a contract position You will be hired for a short, specified work period
This position offers room for personal growth. The person in this position will have the opportunity to learn, achieve and advance or be promoted.
This position reports to the V.P. Finance. The Vice-President of Finance supervises the person in this position.
This position requires a gatekeeper. The person in this position must be able to control access to/availability of resources, information, etc.
Terms explaining How to Apply
Qualified candidates should submit a resume quoting posting *96/7-270. You should the file number of the particular job for which you are applying
Please forward a curriculum vitae. A description of your past employment history and responsibilities, skills and education; a resume
Please forward your résumé, in the strictestconfidence, to . . . The employer promises that only the people responsible for hiring will have access to the applicants’ information.
Only applicants with requested experience will be acknowledged. The employer will respond only to those people who show they have the experience needed for the position.
To apply, please forward your résumé stating salary expectations. When submitting your resume, mention what salary range you expect.
Only candidates under consideration will be contacted The employer will arrange an interview only for people who have been assessed as having the qualifications for the job.
Principals only, please. Only actual applicants for the job should answer the ad; the employer does not want placement agencies or recruitment firms to respond.
Terms about Salary and Benefits
We offer an attractive reimbursement and benefits package. The employer will pay a good salary and advantages additional to salary (e.g. vacation allowance, health coverage, pension plan, life insurance).
Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience The salary will be based on or suitable to the successful candidates qualifications and experience.
Salary for the above position is currently under review. The salary has not yet been decided; it is being discussed and may be revised or changed.
A competitive compensation/benefits package can be anticipated. Candidates can expect a good salary with extras (e.g., dental coverage, sick time, etc.) that are comparable or similar to what other employers will offer.
Salary$35,000 p.a.D.O.E.D.O.Q. Per annum/yearlyDependent on experienceDependent on qualifications
Relocation allowance will be provided. You will receive financial help if you have to move to another city or country.
We offer an attractive salary. The salary is good and competitive (i.e. close to what other employers would pay for a similar position)
Terms Describing Required Skills and Experience
Equivalencies will be considered. Qualifications that are similar or comparable to those required by the position
Must have the ability to work in an interdisciplinary team environment Individuals on staff are organized into teams consisting of professionals (e.g., doctors, nurses, social workers, physiotherapists, pharmacists) who must work together on the same projects or cases.
Your experience will be complemented by excellent managerial skills. You will be an excellent candidate if you can offer excellent managerial skills in addition to relevant experience.
International Elevator Company invites applications for a bilingual position. The employer is seeking candidates who are fluent in both official languages – French and English.
The ideal candidate will have five years of post-qualification experience. The employer wants someone who has worked for at least five years after completing his/her qualifications (certificate, diploma, licence, degree).
This opportunity would appeal to a hard-working individual. This opening will interest or attract people who like/are willing to work hard.
The successful candidate will have in-depth knowledge of MS Office. The employer needs someone with solid, strong, excellent, comprehensive knowledge of this computer software.
The successful applicant should have a working knowledge of Excel. The employer is looking for someone with enough practical knowledge of Excel (a computer spreadsheet application) to be able to use it on the job.
French communication skills are considered an asset. A quality or skill that is desirable, but not demanded
Exposure to diversity in the workplace is a definite asset. The employer thinks that familiarity/experience with a diverse workplace is a valuable qualification for the job.
Previous manufacturing experience is a must. The employer will consider only those applicants who have previous manufacturing experience; this qualification is essential or mandatory.
We are looking for a person who thrives on challenge. The employer wants someone who enjoys challenges and works best when he/she is faced with a problem or difficult situation.