Finding Job Opportunities

In this section of the site you will find advice and reference information
on where and how to find job opportunities. Go to the end of this introduction
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What do you need to know about finding job opportunities in Ontario? Anne
, one of our volunteer employment counselors, advises:

When you start looking for your first job in Ontario, you may find that it
is a difficult task, taking a lot of time. There are several places where you
should look for job openings:

  • every day you should check the local newspapers (most Employment Resource
    Centres buy the local papers every day)
  • several times a week you should check the online job listings (the Employment
    Resource Centres and most libraries have computers you can use)
  • check the Web sites of professional associations, they often list employment
  • check professional journals. The listings are often old but hiring people
    for professional positions may take a few months. It is always worth it to
    check such postings

All these places are part of what is considered the “traditional”
job search. They are important but likely only represent about 25% of the job

Where are the rest of the opportunities? It is estimated that well over half
of all job openings are never advertised. They are what is called the “hidden
job market”. Depending on which expert you listen to, the estimates range
from 60% to 90%.

How do you access the hidden job market?

  • Through networking
  • volunteering
  • knock on the door of any company that interests you, no matter whether
    they have any vacancies listed or not
  • look in the Yellow Pages for any company that employs people that do the
    kind work you do – ask if they are hiring for the type of position you are
    looking for. If they don’t have any positions, ask if they know of any company
    that is hiring.

Accessing the hidden job market is not easy. It is much harder work than just
checking the classifieds every day, but you are much more likely to find work.
And that is your goal.

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