Engineers and the OHSA Comprehension Exercise

Now that you have read the above article on the Occupational Health and Safety Act, please answer the following questions by choosing the most correct answer:

  1. Which level of government is quoted as being responsible for the public’s health and safety?
    1. municipal
    2. provincial
    3. federal
  2. Prior to 1996, organizations employing safety engineers:
    1. could hire anyone they wanted
    2. had to make sure that the engineers had safety training
    3. had to be trained in safety legislation
  3. Who is liable for the quality of work performed by safety engineers?
    1. employers
    2. the provincial government
    3. the engineers who did the work
  4. In this article, deregulation means:
    1. that the government is more involved than ever in the day-to-day running of private companies
    2. that in a free-market economy the firm with the best safety record gets the contract.
    3. that the government is passing the responsibility for workplace safety on to some other groups
  5. Prior to 1996 the government:
    1. never hired any engineers
    2. had engineers on staff who would be responsible for health and safety issues
    3. took no interest in health and safety concerns