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How to Look for, Land, and Keep a Job in the Canadian Workplace

About the Speaker: Dave Lovelock in facts and numbers  How do you feel about Job Hunting? Don’t turn your back on this fact…the workplace is changing. It is a short-term world out there…so, stay flexible! Job Search Myth 1: All

Foreign-Trained Engineers are Needed in Ontario’s Energy Sector

Construction Worker - Engeener

Introduction A Success Story Recruiting Nuclear Engineers Ontario Other Technical Positions Information for Foreign-Trained Engineers Advice for Job Applications and Interviews Networking Advice on Keeping a Job Glossary References Introduction This article is based on interviews with a hiring manager,

Success Story – Re-entering the Civil Engineering Field

Re-entering the Civil Engineering Field

Background D.A. is a civil engineer from Bulgaria who earned his Masters degree from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Surveying in Sofia. He had seven years’ experience working in his field in Bulgaria prior to coming to Canada.

Industry Profile: Plastics Plastics Trivia

Plastics Trivia Plastics are used in many areas of human endeavour; they have even contributed to the development of Canada’s national sport. In 1958, “Mac” Carr Harris read about a newly developed German plastic, high-density polyethylene, and realized that it

Industry Profile: Plastics

Introduction Although the plastics processing industry is one of the most exciting sectors of the manufacturing industry in Canada , it is unknown to much of the general public. Plastics play an important role in everyday life and in many

Introduction to Sector Councils

The Alliance of Sector Councils The Alliance of Sector Councils (TASC) is a national coordinating body of 29 sector councils representing a wide range of industries in Canada . Its role is to analyze and address sector-wide human resources issues in order

Occupational Profile: Civil Engineering Technologist

Civil engineering technologists assist civil engineers in the development, design, and construction of roads, bridges, buildings, dams, sewage and water treatment systems, airports, pipelines, subways, and railways. Related Jobs  Civil Engineering Technologist – Environmental Urban Planning Technologist Highway Technologist Transportation

Occupational Profile: Civil Engineering Technician

The civil engineering technician is a practical member of the civil engineering team, responsible for planning, costing, building, maintaining and rehabilitating roads, bridges, buildings, dams, sewage and water treatment systems, airports, pipelines, sub Related Jobs  Civil Engineering Technician – Environmental

Technical Careers in Ontario’s Energy Sector

Outlook  Ontario’s Independent Electricity Market Operator recently released a study on the province’s electricity needs in the next 10 years. The report showed that there may be a possible shortfall of electricity supply due to the following factors: the government’s promise to

Occupational Profile: Home Inspector

Home Inspector in Canada

Home Inspectors are the professionals hired to give an unbiased opinion on the condition of an existing house or apartment. Home Inspector – Major Duties A home inspector does a thorough examination of a house, both inside and out to