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Understanding and Using Active Verbs – Answer Key to Paraphrasing

Answer Key to Paraphrasing Possible answers  An allergy is a changed response of body tissue to matter that causes no result upon someone who is not sensitive. Some human beings are sensitive to food and are prone to skin complaints

Understanding and Using Active Verbs Paraphrasing: Allergic Conditions

Paraphrasing: Allergic Conditions Introduction An example Improving this skill Hands-on exercise: allergic conditions Introduction  To paraphrase a statement is to restate it using different words and/or grammar while keeping the same meaning. You can paraphrase a statement at the same

Do’s and Don’ts of Temporary Work

Regardless of how many times you’ve searched for a job, assembling a winning resume can be a challenge. If your resume is going to open any doors for you, it has to look professional, provide proof of real results and

Getting the Most from Informational Interviews

In the workplace today, a growing number of professionals are taking a closer look at their career aspirations. If you decide a career change is in your future, one effective way to test the waters is by arranging informational interviews

Dos and Don’ts of Job Search Etiquette

For many of us, the term “etiquette” might bring to mind ideas about the right way to set a table or make introductions at a formal dinner party. But the dos and don’ts of decorum also apply within a much

Success Story – Saima

Q: What was your education level outside of Canada? A: I did MBA in Finance in the year 1997, and BSc. in Mathematics from Pakistan. I secured first class, first position in the MBA class. Also received Chancellor’s award of Gold

Overcoming the “Overqualified” / “Lack of Canadian Experience” Comments

This article is a summary of a presentation to the Executive Advancement Resource Network, Toronto, delivered on Monday, June 2 What is the problem? An example of cultural differences What do employers mean when they say that you are “overqualified”? What

Language Skills for Engineering Consultants

Introduction The decision to hire engineering consultants for a project is an important one. The Professional Engineers Ontario website contains a variety of publications, one of which is entitled Guideline for the Selection of Engineer Services. The guidelines address the following main

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

What are hazardous materials? Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) regulates the standards and procedures for working with hazardous materials. Hazardous materials may put lives in danger. They must be handled carefully and correctly according to the Workplace Hazardous Materials

Getting a Job

You sent out your résumé and cover letter. Someone was impressed and wants to interview you. Congratulations! You have made it over the first hurdle. In this section you will find tips and advice on interview preparation, salary negotiation, and