How to Become a Certified Dental Hygienist in Ontario

To become a Dental Hygienist in Canada you must attend post secondary school. Dental hygiene is offered at a diploma and postgraduate level. However, postgraduates need a minimum of a year of work experience.

List of Colleges in Ontario offering a full time Dental Hygiene Program

In addition, Boral and La Cite offer programs in French. In some cases you might actually be eligible for free tuition, subsidized by the provincial/federal government.

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How to Become a Certified Dental Hygienist in Ontario

International dental hygienists must hold a Certificate of Registration and meet the requirements set out by the College Dental Hygienists of Ontario; as they are the ones who regulate the practice of dental hygiene. To get this certificate, a person must apply to the NDHCB for an assessment of academic qualifications. Following that, an exam must be written. If passed, a dental hygienist gets licensed upon paying the applicable fees.