Comprehension and Vocabulary – Answer Key to Text 3

Checking Comprehension 

___T___ 1. A bone may be fractured in a variety of ways.

___F___ 2. To find out if your leg is fractured after a fall, try walking on it.

___F___ 3. The victim should be immobilized immediately once a fracture is suspected.

___T___ 4. Splitting is necessary when giving first aid to a person suffering a suspected or known fracture.

___F___ 5. It is alright to give water to the injured person to drink.

___T___ 6. We should avoid bandaging on or near the site of the fracture

Answer key: Vocabulary Practice 

1. fracture ___8___ shin

2. tissue ___10___ ankle bones

3. clavicle ___6___ finger bones

4. femur ___7___ kneecap

5. carpals ___2___ a group of similar cells that work together to perform a particular function

6. phalanges ___1___ a break in a bone

7. patella ___3___ shoulder bone

8. tibia ___5___ wrist bones

9. fibula ___9___ smaller of two lower leg bones

10. tarsals ___4___ largest of two bones of the lower leg


Adapted from the Occupational Terminology Workshop for Foreign-trained Health Care Workers, The STIC project, 1998.