Comprehension and Vocabulary – Answer Key to Text 2

Checking Comprehension 

F 1. Choking is caused by blockage of the pharynx.

T 2. A person who is choking should try his best to cough up the obstructing object on his own.

F 3. The first thing the rescuer should do is to slap the choking victim on the back.

T 4. Abdominal thrusts should be given after back blows have failed to dislodge the obstructing object.

F 5. When giving abdominal thrusts to a choking victim, the rescuer should grasp the victim’s hands firmly.

F 6. Bronchi are part of the skeleton.

Answer key: Vocabulary Practice

1. larynx __4__ breastbone

2. trachea __1__ voice-box

3. bronchi __5__ throat

4. sternum __2__ windpipe

5. pharynx __3__ air passages from the trachea to the lungs

6. oesophagus __8__ shoulder blade

7. thorax __6__ gullet

8. scapula __7__ chest