Becoming a Licensed Physician in Ontario

Becoming a licensed physician in Ontario may require several years of hard work, and a serious financial investment. You need to plan your steps carefully. Start with researching the licensing procedure, and with contacting organizations which can assist you with guidance and advice and can provide a professional network. Talk to other professionals, read medical journals and Web sites which will broaden your understanding of the health care field in Canada. The better you understand the practice of medicine, and the organization of health care in Canada, thee easier it will be to make good choices about your professional future.

Here are a few Web sites to get you started:

The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials has a fact sheet explaining the registration process for internationally-trained physicians. Go to “Information on Specific Professions and Trades” and search the database for “physician”. Take note – the information is relevant to Canada as a whole, you will still need to research the procedures for Ontario.

The Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO)
The College is the licensing body for Ontario. The site provides information on registration requirements in the province. Also check the Info-Physicians section for links to professional associations by specialization.

The Association of International Physicians and Surgeons in Ontario (AIPSO)
You will find a very clear and useful explanation of your choice of paths to practise in Ontario.
AIPSO members have formed local support and study groups which are a networking place for internationally-trained physicians new to Ontario. You can find contact information about the local groups under “Employment Links”.
Also available: information on career courses, and on the licensing requirements in Ontario and other provinces in Canada.

Community Development Office of Ontario (CDOSE)
This site provides some information on practising medicine in Ontario with links to specialist, family physicians, and postgraduate training programs in Ontario. There is also a link to the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Medical Licensing Authorities of Canada (MLAC)
Contact information for the medical licensing authorities in Canada.

The Canadian Medical Association
A voluntary association that advocates on issues related to the profession, and the promotion of and access to health care. The site features information on clinical practice guidelines, statistical information about the profession, useful Web links. You must be a registered user to access most of the information, but registration is free.

The Canadian Orthopedic Association (COA)

Medical Council of Canada (MCC)

McGill Faculty of Medicine (MFM)
Information on provincial and state licensing boards.